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About Us

The Building ​Healthy Communities Collaborative (BHCC) is an alliance of community stakeholders working together to promote healthier built environments in Newfoundland and Labrador, through advocacy, engagement, knowledge exchange and facilitation. The BHCC was established by the Provincial Wellness Advisory Council (PWAC) in 2011 . 

The BHCC was originally formed to act as a working group for the PWAC Wellness Paper on the Built Environment, as well as promote and integrate healthy built environment principles and evidence into research, policies and practices, and build capacity by fostering cross-sector engagement and collaboration across the province.

Building Healthy Communities

Originally a group of government departments, professionals organizations and community organizations, BHCC has grown into a group that also includes public health professionals, policy makers, community planners, recreation workers, NGOs, municipalities, service organization, rural & economic development groups, students, researchers, and individuals invested in how health and the built environment intersect.

Over the years, the group has provided guidance to policymakers, undertaken research, and hosted a number of conferences and workshops related to health the built environment. To learn more about the work that BHCC has done, check out the ACTIVITIES section,

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