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A healthier built environment leads to healthier communities and healthier citizens. Below are some resources to help encourage active living and ways to help make your community a healthier place to live. 

Your Role...

Community Resources

Canada Walks! Walk Friendly Ontario

An annual look at how our province's communities are faring in key quality-of-life areas

Income inequality as seen from outer space

Healthy communities are designed that way

Street Films: Documenting Liveable Streets Worldwide          

A Heart and Stroke Foundation built environment toolkit for change: Shaping Active, Healthy Communities

A reliable source of community, regional, and provincial data on key social and economic indicators

Urban Trees and Quality of Life 

Six Coalitions across the province that provide opportunities for people to become involved in community action around the issues that affect their health by providing leadership, coordination and support for local wellness initiatives.

A plan for the northeast avalon region

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