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The Sustainable Happiness Course merges Dr. Catherine O'Brien's concept of sustainable happiness with the FosterHicks happiness model. Sustainable happiness draws upon Dr. O'Brien's two decades of international experience with sustainability, wellbeing, and happiness. The FosterHicks model was developed after their acclaimed worldwide journey to study happy people and is made up of nine essential behaviors that are associated with physical health and wellbeing. Studies indicate that we get positive biochemical rewards from all nine behaviors. The integration of the FosterHicks model with sustainable happiness is a fresh and unique way of looking at happiness and wellbeing. It reveals opportunities to enhance your wellbeing and the happiness and wellbeing of other people and the natural environment. In a study done in cooperation with the Mayo Clinic and the National Research Center, the FosterHicks model was highly correlated with feelings of an elevated quality of life and emotional capability.

Sustainable Happiness Course 

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